The exhibition Volos: 10+ Stories is on permanent display at the City of Volos Museum. Supported by citizen donations, the exhibition harnesses academic tools developed by the University of Thessaly to trace the evolution of Volos from the earliest settlers, in mid-19th century, to the late 20th century, focusing on ten different themes, namely: Urban Planning & Infrastructure; Demography and Diversity; Urban Networks (transport, culture, economy); City in Crisis; Modernism and Urban Transformation; Reconstruction; The World of Labour; Tourism; Culture; Sports.


School programmes at the City of Volos Museum come in two types, according to pupil age:

  1. For pre-nursery, nursery, and the first three grades of primary school, the topic is From the Castle to the New Town
  2. For secondary education and the three upper primary grades, on a topic of their choice from the 10+ Stories of the permanent display.

After choosing a topic, pupils are divided into two or three groups to engage with aspects of their chosen topic across the permanent display; they then imaginatively present the outcome of their activity to all children.
Moreover, by advance booking only, pupils of the higher age group can participate in the programme On the Routes of Resistance. This programme is usually carried out under the City in Crisis exhibition topic, which mainly focuses on the 1940s. In this programme, pupils are split into groups and undertake exploration missions in city areas associated with its history.



* Maximum number of participants: 25 persons per activity
* Duration: 2 teaching hours approx. per group
* Admission: 1€ per pupil (free admission for educators and pupils who cannot afford a ticket)


Guided tours, accompanied by relevant activities and walks, are on offer at all City of Volos Museum Network member organisations. 
To book a visit, please call the City of Volos Museum at 2421029878.

Advance booking required. You must specify date, time, and number of participants.
Maximum number of participants: 50
Duration: 1–2 teaching hours
Admission: 1€ per pupil (free admission for educators and pupils who cannot afford a ticket)

Group Visit Hours

To ensure the best visitor experience and the museum’s smooth operation, the recommended times for group visits to the City of Volos Museum Network member organisations is as follows:

City of Volos Museum
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00–12:30

 Volos Museum of Folklore & History, Makrinitsa and Portaria Museum
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00–12:30

 Hatzigiannis Traditional Olive Press – Katichori Rural Economy Exhibition Venue and Drakeia 18.12.1943 Memorial 
Thursday 9:00–12:30

Christos Zogias Art Gallery & Museum (Gazi and Vlahava streets, Volos):
Tuesday 9:00–12:30

 Etmektzoglou Silk Mill Museum (Metaxourgio, Nea Ionia):
Friday 9:00–12:00

Cultural Routes in Palia or other city areas (duration: 1 teaching hour) accompany visits to a Directorate of Archives, Museums, and Libraries member organisation. Advance booking is required.

Contact – Booking
To book a school/group visit to one of the City of Volos museums, please contact the City of Volos Museum by phone at 2421029878 (every day except Monday) or email

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