Volos – Athletic Heritage

The Volos Sports Club (1896) and the Volos Shooting Club (1911) are the oldest sports clubs in the city, as track and field and shooting were the most popular sports at the time. The Gymnasium on Iolkou Street and the Shooting Club facilities located where the Volos National Sport Centre is nowadays were the city’s first sports facilities.

In the interwar period, sports grew rapidly in Volos, boosted by racing involving local athletes and British Royal Navy crews, which regularly called at the port of Volos. The establishment in 1929 of the Thessaly Football Club Association testifies to the popularity of football. Early on, the seafront park was used as a football ground, followed by the stadiums Nike in Nea Ionia, Magnisiakos at Palaia and Olympiacos Volou at Anavros. The Volos branch of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association (EOS Volos) was established in 1930 and the Volos Yachting Club (NOV) in 1932. For years, the club’s events took place in basic facilities at the breakwaters in front of the Papastratos tobacco warehouse.

Since 1960, many clubs became active in almost all sports, earning many honours in team and individual sports.

Reflecting the city’s rich sporting tradition and with the local government’s valuable support all the necessary infrastructure was built, enabling Volos to host major sports events at national and international level today. Notably, Volos was selected as an Olympic Games host city in 2004, as the host of the 2013 Mediterranean Games (cancelled due to the economic crisis), but also as a venue for European and World Championships every single year in recent times.

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