The City of Volos Museum’s permanent display Volos: 10+ Stories opened on Friday 17 May 2019. It is an original exhibition supported by citizen donations and harnessing academic tools developed by the University of Thessaly with funding from Thales Programme. The exhibition was designed and implemented according to the Operational Plan 2015–19 of the Directorate of Archives, Museums, and Libraries of DOEPAP – Municipal & Regional Theatre of Volos. See the exhibition CREDITS.
Supported by citizen donations (see the exhibition DONORS and PROMOTERS), which increased dramatically after the museum opened, in late 2014, this exhibition traces the development of Volos from the early settlers, in mid-19th century, to the late 20th century, in ten sections that focus on different topics. These topics will serve as reference and spawn new temporary exhibitions, adding fresh content and highlighting new gifts or loans to the museum.
The ten thematic focuses are: Urban Planning and Infrastructure; Demography and Diversity; Urban Networks (Mediterranean, cultural, economic); City in Crisis; Modernism and Urban Transformation; Reconstruction; The World of Labour; Tourism; Culture; Sports. The permanent display is housed in a 900m2 area over the two floors of the museum.

Thematic Focuses:

Volos – A New City

Volos – A Mediterranean City

Volos – A City of Diversity

Volos – A Forward-looking City

Volos – An Industrial City

Volos  in Crisis

Volos – The Reconstruction

Volos – A Tourist Destination

Volos – Athletic Heritage

Volos – Cultural Production

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