Dimitris Letsios: a portrait of Volos

Dimitris Letsios: a portrait of Volos

Dimitris Letsios’ work has a rightful place in the history of Greek photography. On view in this exhibition are selected photographs of his native city, Volos, spanning the post-war period. In continuation of his interest in the farmers of the Thessaly plain, here Letsios focuses on working people, children, open-air markets, the landscapes generously supplied by the Pagasetic Gulf. The photographer sought to portray lesser-known aspects of the city ­– instances and images that kept a clear distance from the officially sanctioned ideological façade, revealing an elliptical yet profoundly humane face of the city of Volos.

Hercules Papaioannou

Editing: Hercules Papaioannou
Trabslation: Dimitris Saltabasis

Directorate of Archives Museums and Libraries DOEPAP – DIPETHE
Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
93 σελ.
ISBN 978-960-87889-3-0
Τιμή € 10,00

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