Museum of Traditional Art and History of Pelion, Makrinitsa

The museum is housed in Topali’s mansion, which was built in 1844. As it is a distinctive sample of the ‘classical period’ (first half of the 19th century) of the residential Pelion architecture, it was classified as a listed monument.
It opened its doors in 1994 after the completion of a series of restoration works and the formulating of museum’s permanent exhibition by the Local Services of the Ministry of Culture.
The collection includes many exhibits, including frescoes influenced by the traditional painting of Pelion mansions during the 18th and 19th centuries, furniture, traditional costumes, tools, engravings and small pieces of ecclesiastical art. The historical relics of the Revolution of Pelion and Makrinitsa’s battle in 1878 are unique and exceptional. Special emphasis in the exhibition is given to the formation of mansion’s rooms (kitchen bedroom, guest room) according to their primary use by retaining elements and objects of the old times.

Opening hours: Wendesday – Saturday 9.00 – 14.30, Sunday 11.00 – 14.30
Contact tel: 24210 29878, 24280 99505 mail:
Admission 2€. Educational activities, group visits 1€/person.

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