Chatziyiannis’ Traditional Olive Press – Exhibition of Rural Economy

It is a complex of two buildings and a common courtyard: The Chatziyiannis’ traditional water-powered olive press and the adjacent house of  Chatzigianni’s family where – from the summer of 2012 the exhibition of Katichori’s rural economy is hosted.
Crossing the threshold of the house, following a brief history concerning the life and the cottage industry in Katihori, the exhibition is devoted to the most important products of the local economy until today: tsipouro and wine. Plows, agricultural tools, stills, baskets, bottles & scales outline the image of a long tradition in tsipouro and wine production.  The olive press reveals to each visitor the “secrets” of olive and introduces the traditional time-consuming production process of olive oil. As the machines are in excellent condition, the olive press becomes the ideal place for the accomplishment of educational programs and other activities dedicated to olive and olive oil.

Opening hours: Sunday 11.00 – 13.30
Contact tel: 24210 29878, mail:
Free Admission. Educational activities, group visits 1€/person.


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