Drakeia 18. 12. 1943 Memorial

December 18, 1943: The Germans executed 115 men in Drakeia village in retaliation for the attack of Greek partisans against a group of German motorcyclists. Since then, the village life changes radically. The inhabitants are tormented by the pain of loss and relentlessly questions: Why this tragedy happened to them? Could they save themselves?The Memorial opened its doors to the public in 2013 – in the 70th anniversary of the execution – and is located in the place of martyrdom (in Drakeia’s down square). The exhibition was organised in order to honour the people of Drakeia and, especially, to give – as much as possible – satisfactory answers to the above questions.  It presents “the portrait of Drakeia” and the “time of the execution”, specially designed “cubes” of multiple historical versions and an “interactive table” which incorporates all the documentary material related to the tragic event.

Opening hours: Sunday 11.00 – 13.30
Contact tel: 24210 29878, mail: museum.volos@gmail.com
Free Admission. Educational activities, group visits 1€/person.

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